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Back from Inventory

We are finally back from our annual inventory closure! Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for allowing us to close to bring more goodies into our shop. We have been busy searching for new merchandise, traveling to trade shows, as well as finding the best leather for our leather goods. Over the next few months new merchandise will be arriving until the end of the year from clothes to a new line of leather vests. Come on in and have a free soda or water while you shop! We hope to see you all soon!!

  • Wayne Allen on

    Hi, I bought this jacket from you years ago, Its a great jacket it’s put on a lot of miles and I it needs more. It has a hole in the collar and the collar needs to be replaced. Could you give me a price to repair it and what ever I need to know and I’ll ship it right out. Thanks

  • Bob on

    I have some very cool pictures of your Mom and Dad from 1975, when on my first ride from So. Cal to No. Cal, with a few friends, stopped and purchased my first leather jacket, which by the way, i still have in almost mint condition! I have recently moved to Va. but as soon as i get situated and pull my photo albums from storage, i will email you all the photos from the shop, while we were there! I had a set of red and gold Harley wings sewn on the lower back portion of the jacket there, which i removed and would like sewn back on. Maybe you could give me a price if i ship the jacket back to you. Glad to see you are still in business!! Best regards, Bob

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