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Giant Drop-Top Bags with Full Straps

Giant Drop-Top Bags with Full Straps

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Just Leather's craftsmen make tough saddle bags for tough rides, designed to keep your gear safe and your bike looking good. These full-featured bags have a heavy leather construction for long trips and long life, and are decorated with a sleek drop-top lid and Just Leather's signature hammered quarters, eagle-side out.

  • Giant bags can hold loads of gear and clothes for all your trips
  • Bags are backed with rigid neoprene and leather for stiffness and protection from grease, chemicals, and heat; bag tops have a rigid panel for stiffness
  • Full straps pass over the bag's tops to cinch down bed rolls, tool bags, clothing, etc.
  • Extra-wide straps are 1.5" leather, adjustable via nickeled buckles
  • Straps fix with hidden snap buckles for quick access; loops under the bags keep straps tidy
  • Bags zip to yoke for convenient removal
  • Each bag has a top carry handle, internal leather zip pocket, and four metal mount points to cinch down gear
  • Bag tops extend 3" down and bag sides have internal flaps to help keep out road grunge and water

Each bag's inside is approximately 18" W x 12" H x 7.5" D (note the shape, width is at max. point)

Please specify model and year of bike.