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About Us

With almost 50 years of bike leather experience, Just Leather has created custom works from the subtle to the wild. Large or small sizes, custom jackets and chaps just call us to ask us questions!

Family business since May 4th 1967! We are on our 3rd generation. The best part of our business is our customers! We love to make them happy and once you walk through the front doors you are now part of the Just Leather Family. We custom make jackets, chaps, club vests, long sleeve leather shirts, saddlebags and tool bags for the bike.  

Repairs are a must for those of you that don't want to buy new, but also keep your adventures alive within your leathers. Just bring in your item and one of the family (Mark, Tracey, Danielle or Sean) will let you know how much and how long.

When you walk through the doors you first see the accessory area with everything you can imagine! Our shop is not only for the motorcycle rider but for everyone to enjoy! We have lots of gifts and accessories for any occasion along with ladies and mens apparel. Every few weeks new merchandise arrives so each visit there is always something new to be seen! Once you make it through the first room then thats where the fun begins with anything leather. Don't worry if you don't know your size or style preference, when you come to Just leather we are here to help you find or make what you are looking for!

Just leather is all family and we appreciate you supporting a local business! Please shop our site or stop by our shop.

Coffee is always on, along with soda and cookies!! Happy Shopping!