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Easy Bracket Bolt-on

Easy Bracket Bolt-on

$ 150.00

Saddlebag System for Motorcycles

Easy Bracket Bolt-on Saddlebag System for Motorcycles

  • Allows you to mount your saddlebags without damaging the paint on the rear fender which can often happen with throw-over saddlebag style mounts. 
  • Recessed socket head bolts at the docking post for many import cruisers. 
  • Convenience of a quick-release keyed mechanism which turns your saddlebags into portable pieces of luggage. A must if you road trip frequently and works great with our Easy Tote. 
  • Specifically for motorcycle models. Forget the hassles from 'Universal' or 'Adjustable' kits that offer less than an ideal fit or make it difficult to line up the docking posts properly. 
  • Clean look when you remove the bag. No ugly hardware left behind. 
  • With some motorcycle models, you can avoid conflicts with high shotgun pipes. 
  • Works with any flat back reinforced saddlebag. 
  • Superior design - Enclosed ends that help keep road grime out and increase the durability and long-term functionality of Easy Brackets versus other popular models. Lower Incline Angle - Other popular saddlebag bolt-on systems have a 10 degree angle, making the bags stick out too far from the motorcycle. The Easy Brackets have a smaller 5 degree angle, making the bags sit more flush to the motorcycle for better looks. 
  • Easy Brackets now feature a locking mechanism with a conventional key system built into the lock.

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